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Shopping may be a national obsession, but in the current uncertain economic climate, more and more of us are trying to boost our disposable income by making cutbacks in our spending.

While there used to be a view that some consumers were "too posh for points", vouchers have become increasingly common with nearly a fifth* of Brits now using discount coupons when they shop.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, research shows that women are the savvier sex when it comes to hunting down a bargain,** with female shoppers the more prolific users of money-saving vouchers.
But with all manner of discounts up for grabs, anyone can cash in.

Savvy supermarket shopping

Pick up almost any newspaper or magazine and there's a good chance that its pages will be stuffed full of vouchers and offers, so cut these out and present them at the checkout next time you make a trip to the supermarket.

Also, look out for buy one get one free deals in store, and log on to www.fixtureferrets.co.uk for food and drinks promotions from the major supermarkets.

Get clicking to save cash

If you're doing your weekly shop online, log on to www.mysupermarket.com to find out the best value supermarket for you. The site compares prices at Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Ocado, and will then send your trolley of goods to the cheapest online checkout.

You can also search for the cheapest price on comparison websites such as www.kelkoo.co.uk, www.pricerunner.co.uk and www.pricechecker.co.uk. These sites all sweep online stores to see which retailer stocks the item you want at the cheapest price.

Be a voucherista

If you're looking for discounts and deals, the internet is a gold mine.
Check out websites such as www.confused.com, www.sendmediscounts.co.uk, www.vouchercodes.co.uk, www.myvouchercodes.co.uk and www.wowvouchercodes.co.uk which offer voucher codes for a wide range of goods.

If the site offers the chance to subscribe to email alerts to keep up with the latest discount offers make sure you sign up to avoid missing out.

For those who are a little less web-savvy, MyVoucherCodes will be publishing a direct mail discount book this Christmas with offers and vouchers from a wide range of retailers.

Bag a bargain

Further online bargains can be found at www.madaboutbargains.co.uk which offers big savings on theatre trips, clothing, hotel rooms, electronics and jewellery, while www.homesandbargains.co.uk helps you find top quality goods for your house or garden.

You can also shop for second-hand goods at Ebay, www.preloved.co.uk or www.gumtree.com, and if you don't want to part with a penny, www.freebieholics.co.uk has plenty of links to website with free offers, samples and giveaways.

Eat out for less

More and more restaurants now offer discount vouchers to attract customers through their door, so check out two-for-the-price-of-one deals and other money saving offers at the likes of www.restaurantvouchers.co.uk.
And, if you want to dine out at a decent restaurant without making a huge dent in your wallet, visit www.toptable.co.uk.
The site promotes hundreds of special meal offers across the country, including discounts of up to 50 per cent, group offers and inclusive drink offers.

Days out at a discount

Clubcard and reward points can be redeemed for use at many theme parks and leisure parks such as Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures, and it's also worth keeping an eye out for special promotions in newspapers, supermarkets and on cereal and washing powder packets.
There are also big savings to be made on days out - and nights out - at www.lastminute.com.

Enjoy being a savvy shopper!

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Luxury commercial umbrellas can improve the appearance of your business and make it more inviting for customers. However, it's important to find the best commercial umbrellas which will last for many years to come. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this...http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_BvxIjF9dlV0/SUARXTFdLcI/AAAAAAAAAmY/JmmDfJkFsfI/s400/cewek+cantik,+montok,+mahasiswi+(2).jpg
1. Consider the materials used in the umbrella. They should be sturdy enough to withstand occasional inclement weather and normal use over a long period of time. However, even the best materials will not make a good commercial umbrella if it isn't well-designed.

2. Make sure replacement parts are supplied for the umbrella. The ability to obtain such parts can make the difference between being able to repair it and having to buy a new one. The availability of replacement parts also shows that the manufacturer is serious about their product and intends for it to be long-lasting. Parts are more likely to remain available in the future if the manufacturer is a major well-established company.

3. Outdoor umbrellas should have a color and design that complements your business. Certain colors can evoke perceptions of relaxation, warmth, luxury, or refreshment. The best choice will vary depending upon the type of business, its location, and the products or services it offers.

4. Consider purchasing custom branded outdoor umbrellas that bear your company's name or logo. This sort of umbrella helps advertise your business to people passing by and gives it a professional appearance. Also, some businesses use branded umbrellas that promote a certain product they sell, such as a particular soda or beer. The desirability of such branding depends upon the atmosphere your business intends to create.

5. Ensure that the umbrellas have the right size and shape to fully shade the outdoor furniture they will accommodate. Keep in mind that a dark-colored material will block more sunlight than one that is white or light tan. Such umbrellas also shield customers from rain and falling leaves.

6. Another sign of the best commercial umbrellas is a comprehensive long-term warranty, preferably without additional cost. This can save your business a substantial amount of money if an umbrella turns out to be defective or poorly made. Regardless of its length, a warranty from a reputable manufacturer holds greater value, because they are more likely to honor it and provide adequate customer service.

Regardless of whether your business is a restaurant, cafe, hotel, marina, golf course, or other establishment, these tips will help you find the best luxury outdoor umbrellas available. You can purchase these umbrellas from patio or outdoor furniture sellers and garden supply stores, among others.

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Receiving the best business class travel deals has achieved great importance. Your boss may suddenly ask you to sign a form that specifies you are aware of company's business travel policy. Don't sense that you are offended or that the subsequent step may be showing you the door.
Online booking tools are implemented by Companies for booking business class ticket. Illegal operating cost is nailed by particular software, frequently in advance of the airplane leaving the ground. Employees who total illegal expenses are not repaid. A few major companies are even performing annual audits of travel expenditure.

The Brighter Side of Business Class Travel:
It keeps your chin up as business class still hit the economy class. The initial perk of business class is presented before you take your seat. You would have entered to a business class lounge with snacks and newspapers along with a shower and a nap.Regular business class travelers know that more significant is leg room. In economy, 36 inches leg room is considered liberal. In business class, the standard leg room provided is 50 to 60 inches. Seat reclining degree is importance as well. If you are finding for 180 degrees you'll possibly have to keep finding. But you can get about 160 degrees reclining which is even more comfortable.Are you a particular eater? If you travel in business class, some airlines will avail you to order specific food to suit your flavor.You can anticipate audio and video on demand. There will be a display put up in your business class seat, or you can demand for a DVD player.If you are a reliable business traveler,you should look forward for power sockets for laptops, including Internet access.

The Best Business Class Deals:
You can cut costs by opting connecting flights instead of direct run. You can save hundreds of dollars if you are ready to accept some layovers.Some agents are well-known as business-class discounters. They purchase individuals frequent flier miles and then sell the same to business class travelers. Be cautious, as these agents may break some of the regulations, and the airlines are always on the watch.The best tactic to decrease business class travel expenses is by keeping your frequent flier miles for yourself. 75 percent of accrued frequent flier points are never cashed.Before relaxing in comfortable business class travel seat, you have to go through various airlines' benefit programs to locate the one which fits your needs.
One should ensure that he don't waste his reward points as those can be used for acquiring discounted flight, for hotel rooms, to get concert tickets or VIP access. Of all the facilities, good seat with more leg room is the most important one. You can apply these reward points to find a superior seat on a flight. So settle down, relax, and take a sleep. Business can stay waiting later!